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Amazing Steps to Troubleshoot Yahoo mail not receiving emails

There are numerous reasons for Yahoo mail not receiving emails; and it depends on the device having the issue. Sometimes the Yahoo mail not receiving emails issue occurs due to the Filter issue, connection issue and the incorrect server address.


Causes to Fix Yahoo mail not receiving emails


  • Server authentication issue
  • Filter issue
  • Incorrect server address.
  • Email addresses blocked
  • Connection issue

How to reset yahoo password without recovery email?

You can receive the verification code either by answering security question or via Yahoo on your phone number. If you do not have right to use the email id, no need to get worry. Go through the step-by-step guidelines to recover Yahoo Password without recovery email. The effective steps to reset Yahoo Password without recovery email are hereby described below. If facing any issues after following the steps, reach the professionals for help

How to Fix the issue of Facebook not loading pictures?

But if the issue is with your Facebook app, then have to carefully follow this fixation steps to fix Facebook won’t load pictures.


Steps to Troubleshoot Facebook not loading Pictures



Close the Facebook App


Sometimes we forget to close the recently used apps, and then it results in Facebook slow loading pictures. The best method is to close all the recently used applications regularly and if possible then restart your device.


Restart your device


The above resolution was likely to troubleshoot small app-related issues. Still, Facebook is taking too long to load images, and then restart your device. Force rebooting the device will refresh the device that will gradually increase the speed of device and applications.


Network Connectivity


Switch the Wi-Fi network and use Facebook. If the Facebook is working slow maintain the proper internet Connectivity.

Yahoo account recovery - Steps to reset your Yahoo password

The service providers like Yahoo has an unprecedented footprint in the email business. Yahoo web mail is regarded as one of the finest email clients in the world today. But being the finest doesn’t give an implication that this email platform is 100% bug-free. There are many users who face technical issues while Yahoo account recovery process.

How to reset the Facebook password quickly?


The social media platform thrives quite rapidly in the recent past. Nearly a quarter of the global population now uses these platforms to share their ideas and views. Recently Facebook surpassed the astonishing figure of 2.40 billion active monthly users which exhibits its prominence at the global stage.  Facebook pays serious attention to the user’s security. Facebook is one of those platforms which remain less vulnerable to spam attack and account hacking. Also, it yields convenient ways through which users can alter their settings and account info whenever they want. Sadly, not all the users are aware of this aspect and they still struggled to Reset the Facebook email password.


If you are going through the same inconvenience then you can try the following steps to reset your password. Use the following procedure only in case when you have an access to your Facebook account.


  • Tap on the navigation icon from the top right and explore the settings.
  • Select Security and Login>Edit (located near the Change password option).
  • Now provide the password that you are currently using along with the new one.
  • Click Save Changes.


Use the following instructions in case if you have lost your passkey and you don’t have access to the account.


  • On the Facebook login page, click the forgotten password link.
  • A blank field shall appear on your screen.
  • Either enter your registered phone number to recover to the code.
  • Hold on until you receive the code in your phone’s message box.
  • Next, enter that code in the blank field and press enter.
  • Now the password creation page will appears on your screen, enter the new password to end up the process.


Hopefully, you can handle the password related issues quite easily from now onward. These steps give you complete authority over the password retrieval process. In case, if you feel helpless then you can contact our customer whenever you want. Your queries are welcomed.


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